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The Magazine Beauty & Lifestyle covers detoxification and the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof

The Premium Magazine Beauty & Lifestyle covers the luxury of detoxification and refers to the Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Tyrol as the Ayurveda hotspot in austria. Read a short extract:

„Many people have rather unhealthy lifestyles: too much food, alcohol, cigarettes and not enough exercise. In addition, we are exposed to various environmental toxins.

From time to time, we should treat our body to the luxury of detoxification and regeneration. Detox refers to the process of getting rid of the body’s toxic substances. lt helps us to feel better, we lose weight and have healthier skin. But there is more: many illnesses are closely connected to unhealthy lifestyles. This is also why stars and celebrities believe in detox treatments. The solution is quite simple: a slower lifestyle combined with avoiding stresses and strains. Therefore, a detox diet supports our detoxifying organs. A few days is all it takes to lose a few pounds, feel fresh and of course healthy.

The secret is always the same: keep it simple! Nothing could be easier than combining our everyday lives with a detox program. Just watch out to take in at least 31 of liquids – water, tea, juices, soups – per day. Stay with fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables and avoid fried or canned food.

Next step: exercise and a relaxing wellness program which supports the detox process, e.g. Yoga, massages and lymph drainages, the sauna, hot baths as well as soothing oils and aromas. Ayurvedic treatments help as well and are offered in various Austrian hotels: e.g. Tyrolean Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof, where Dr. Sharma from India offers classic Pancha-Karma as well as special AyurDetox programs.“

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